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Reload this Page [General] UPDATE: Ready or Not (in-case you missed it)
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There is update

Youtube Video
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I have just come back to Ready or Not to find some great updates that have helped with frame rate, where it generally stays at 100+ if no big effects are going off like flashbangs, etc, so its running very smoothly. There is obviously still a lot to flesh out and I've noticed some of the smaller mechanics are being changed to see if they function better.

The biggest nuisance for me right now is some of the mechanics with regards to getting around can feel a bit clumsy, it breaks the fluidity of movement and can make the game feel slow but not in the right way... However, I'm sure this will all come to be addressed. Like I said, there have been some big updates and I feel that Void are making some good progress.
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It's good to see updates, looks very promising.
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