A very warm welcome to Special Operations Group - |SOG|! 

Whether you visit us from www.sog-team.co.uk or www.sog-team.com we welcome you to our home all the same!

We were established in 2006 with our prime time between 2008-2010 when |SOG| was one of the largest SWAT 4 communities in the game. After a short break, we returned in January 2018 to a fantastic response. Over 100 ex members of our community came flooding back to re-register and meet back up with old friends. Today although much less active than we were, Special Operations Group remains part of the SWAT 4 community. We intend to remain a community presence for as long as possible, with a shift towards casual gaming. We offer our website & discord server as meeting places for when our community just want that little "away from busy life" time.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our community!

Best Regards

Matt, Wes, Nicoleise, Sander & Tim

Community Management


our servers

We have an online Discord server you can join, with details opposite.

Here you can keep in touch with our friendly community, arrange game dates and more!

This is the easiest and quickest way to contact us - we look forward to meeting you.


For our communities enjoyment, we may also run game servers dependant on demand & donations. If you can help sponsor a server, please use the donate link at the bottom of the page.



Like any community, we have rules that we expect everyone to observe. 

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.


Website Rules:

  • Be respectful to others.
  • English is the primary language; it's okay to include other bits of language for cultural references or a joke, so long as you ensure that the context is clear.
  • Do not spam - you are able to edit your messages instead of double posting (Keep atleast 3 hours between each post.)
  • No advertisement is allowed without the prior, written permission of a Group Manager.
  • Do not post, upload or share nudity, obscene or illegal content, or content of a politically and religion nature.


Game Server Rules:

General (These always apply)

  • Do not injure or kill teammates on purpose.
  • English is the only allowed language on servers.
  • Be respectful to others
  • Duplicate IP's are not allowed in our servers. E.g players gaming on the same network
  • Do not argue with administrators - file an appeal instead.
  • You are responsible for your own actions, regardless of circumstances. If others misbehave, don't go along with it. Instead, report them to us.
  • No spamming chat
  • No cheating, bug use or hacking
  • Swearing is allowed as long as you do not overdo it and if it's not redirected to another player
  • No advertisement is allowed without the prior, written permission of a Group Manager.

Cooperative Game Modes

  • Do not injure or kill compliant or cuffed suspects or civilians on purpose.
  • Play as a team, and follow the team leaders orders.
  • If a team leader is chosen, do not progress beyond the orders given.
  • No rambo gameplay or rushing (defined as not sticking with the team or following orders)
  • No suicides allowed - the round ends automatically after 3 minutes if TOC/guns remain outstanding
  • No team killing other players no matter what the situation. For players violating our rules, report them here instead of taking matters into your own hands.
  • Follow the ROE (Rules of engagement) Examples: Don't shoot on sight, Don't shoot runners, No Random Shooting (if it dangers the team)


VIP Escort Game Modes

  • Do not injure (as swat) or kill the VIP on purpose.
  • Do not disconnect on purpose, when you are VIP.