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Forum Rules

Forum Rules
  • Be respectful to others.
  • English is the primary language; it's okay to include other bits of language for cultural references or a joke, so long as you ensure that the context is clear.
  • Do not spam - you are able to edit your messages instead of double posting (Keep atleast 3 hours between each post.)
  • No advertisement is allowed without the prior, written permission of a Group Manager.
  • Do not post, upload or share nudity, obscene or illegal content, or content of a politically and religion nature.

Moderators may edit your posts for various reasons. These reasons could simply be to help you fix an error with your post, such as the use of BBcode-tags or remove a simple rule violation. In these cases, moderators will perform redactional changes only, which is to say that they will never change your post in a manner that changes the opinions, beliefs or views that you state.

If moderators change your post in a way that either requires a warning to be issued to you, or requires clarification as to the nature and extend of the edit, moderators will include a note within your post.

If you violate the rules above, or abandon common sense, moderators may also edit or remove your post(s) or other content in any way, user account and even ban you from the forum.

Extra Info
There is a forum for people that are 18 or more, that forum was created to be more lenient and where you can talk more open.

You can get acces to the forum trough your userCP, remember asking for acces you hereby are open to other opinions and other things that get posted in the forum.

*Changes can apply without prior notice

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