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Icon1 |SOG|Tournament 2018 FINAL RESULTS

Hello everyone, especially the |SOG| Spring/Summer Tournament Participants.

As this has already been over 7 months since the first posts about the Tournament, also the last game in the Tournament was played over 2 months ago, here we are publishing the final results. Unfortunately lack of interest of some teams at playing the rounds caused a few zero'es on the table score. Also the time for the maps is set 'infinity' - which is presented as 99:59:59.

Nevertheless, there were some teams that scored really perfect score in suprisingly short times and I would really like to congratulate them!

Here are the Final Results:


1. SKIMA ICE - YoursTruly 525 p. (MAX.) with total time 00:25:36
2. INSPECTOR - Columbo 515 p. with total time 00:25:56
3. HUNGRY BEAR - DefCon5 508,75 p. with total time 00:50:56

CATEGORY B - DUETs (LessLethal)

1. SCORPIO - YoursTruly, Recon 519 p. with total time 00:24:45
2. DEKI'S TEAM - Deki, SpyInBlack 519 p. with total time 00:45:51
3. TEAM DONUTS - DefCon, Eddie 425,25 p. with total time 00:57:15


1. TEAM DONUTS - DefCon5, Recon, Eddie 316 p. with total time 100:29:21 (including +100h for not played map)
2. NERD-HERD - YoursTruly, tmarx 226,25 p. with total time 00:36:54

Congratulations to everyone, who participated and even played all the maps

|SOG|Tournament 2018 Referees

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