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Originally Posted by DefCon5 View Post
I know its a bit outdated, the last movie i watched is "Deadpool" it was the very first Marvel movie i really liked and im looking forward to "Deadpool 2" wich will be released on June 2018.
I just love dem Ninjaz

Who doesn't love Ninjas? And Deadpool is definitely not outdated - I have heard from many friends, whose opinions I trust, that it's a good film. Personally, however, I haven't watched much of Marvel yet, so it's a hole I have to fix sooner or later


Anyway, I wanted to add another film here, as I just came back from a screening of The Mirror (1975) by Andrej Tarkovskij. It's the second film of his that I've seen (the first being Andrej Rubljov, but I can already tell that I am falling in love with this director. The film seems very loosely structured, but the way he uses imagery, sound, and symbolism makes it all feel deeply human.

I am currently reading those poems from the film with the help of my very basic knowledge of the language, and a Russian dictionary, to try and really understand all of it. I had a feeling that the English subtitles didn't do them enough justice - in any tongue there exist certain words and phrases whose nuances and strength one cannot simply translate to another language. It's always been an issue with foreign works.
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