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For those foolish people who ever tried or willing to try VR. Must warn you! You on your boat of Happiness, might meet the underwater rocks in face of cruel reality. By that I mean that there might just might be small chance you have sea sickness. Locomotion methods in VR meant to make you move in game ( Slightly we touched that in previous posts ). In short - your brain cant calculate what is going on when you sliding/spinning/turning but feels you standing still. Its like real sea sickness when you see sea level that is not moving but your boat is shaking and moving differently. Can assure you that this is question of time. I my self had sea sickness but also worked as engineer on passenger liner for half year. In VR I had same. Was very difficult to get used to slide locomotion. But I was so into VR that this did not stop me. Now look at me playing Elite with spinning and turning, Seriouse Sam Fusion edition with very high speed movement. Also I have less fear of heights now
For those who still on track of getting VR and knowing that they have sea sickness. There are other solution to deal with it! rather than just forcing your self go thru all that headache. Next video will show different types of locomotion. Hope this will be useful and interesting for you
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