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Welcome to Sog-team.co.uk! The ONLY destination for serious SWAT 4 gamers since 2006... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE...
ChatBox Archive
Time User Message
29-01, 16:52 SpyInBlack
back from the dead
29-01, 16:49 Orion
What the hell is going on here?
29-01, 16:09 SpyInBlack
29-01, 16:09 SpyInBlack
its still work in progress but its getting there
29-01, 16:09 SpyInBlack
heres a steam group for anyone who wants to join.
29-01, 15:36 SpyInBlack
matt, ninwes please see a post in management HQ. ty
29-01, 14:28 SpyInBlack
ty mate... good to be back
29-01, 14:24 Matt
there you go buddy, welcome back
29-01, 14:20 SpyInBlack
i just hope everyone got their old email or maybe even steam account.
29-01, 14:12 Matt
yes email was only sent today and already 5 new faces. Fingers crossed
29-01, 14:12 Matt
yes everyone was emailled. Thankfully I had the previous files and database from 2010 to contact everyone
29-01, 13:58 SpyInBlack
must say im really suprised to see this many
29-01, 13:58 SpyInBlack
me too... hopefuly most of the old member will come back.
29-01, 13:58 Matt
hope we can keep the reuinion going
29-01, 13:58 Matt
good mate, really excited to see some old faces. All a big family
29-01, 13:57 SpyInBlack
how are you?
29-01, 13:57 SpyInBlack
Cant complain.
29-01, 13:44 Matt
Welcome back friend, hope you're well
29-01, 13:20 SpyInBlack
its good to be back
29-01, 13:20 SpyInBlack
i must say i was suprised to see a email about SOG
29-01, 13:19 SpyInBlack
long time no see
29-01, 13:19 SpyInBlack
good day guys
29-01, 10:38 Matt
Morning all
28-01, 19:31 Matt
Thank you for coming by!
28-01, 19:31 Matt
Hey mate, good to see you


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