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Welcome to Sog-team.co.uk! The ONLY destination for serious SWAT 4 gamers since 2006... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE...
ChatBox Archive
Time User Message
11-10, 09:47 Matt
which server?
11-10, 03:05 Iron Tarkus
I enter the IP, but I can't connect.
11-10, 03:01 Iron Tarkus
I can't connect to the server.
08-10, 22:34 deki32
i am all in for some Swat action. Since i am answering this late we should move that to the next evening. What time suits you best?
08-10, 22:32 deki32
sry for answering this late. Didn't see the message on time
08-10, 22:32 deki32
yo Matt
07-10, 22:00 Matt
Hey Deki, fancy a few rounds tomorrow evening?
06-10, 22:42 Matt
Happy Birthday Sander!
03-10, 20:22 Black
Hey Matt!
01-10, 22:11 Matt
hey all
29-09, 17:36 KeeRIeS
@deki32 thank you
29-09, 17:36 KeeRIeS
@HK_HunterKiller, yes, we might say so, though I still don't believe it, too
27-09, 12:04 deki32
congrats Keer . So nice to hear you finishing studies and doing what you love. With Medicine it is always a bit rocky in the beginning. Wish you the best and hope to see you soon for some SWAT action
22-09, 20:04 HK_HunterKiller
@Keeries you're a doctor? :O
20-09, 10:48 KeeRIeS
yeah, pretty well, finished studies and have a lot to do in hospital to start internship
18-09, 23:15 Black
Hello hello!
18-09, 22:35 Matt
Hey hey mate. Hope you're well?
18-09, 22:20 KeeRIeS
Hi everyone!
17-09, 23:22 deki32
two of our boys giving that all important feedback. Let's make it our game, the proper SWAT 4 sequel
17-09, 23:21 deki32
so glad to hear
17-09, 23:21 Matt
cant wait for the release
17-09, 23:20 Matt
yes sander is an alpha user with castner. they say it has real potential
17-09, 23:12 deki32
and btw, Matt have you seen the awesome gameplay for Ready or Not? Looks and feels amazing but still lacks some polish to get it up to SWAT standards
17-09, 23:10 deki32
have i missed anything SOG related in the last 4-5 months? Any members or features ?
17-09, 23:09 deki32
i have missed you guys so bad. The last contact was with Spy when he was slighly crippled by work :P


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