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Welcome to Sog-team.co.uk! The ONLY destination for serious SWAT 4 gamers since 2006... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE...
ChatBox Archive
Time User Message
12-03, 23:25 Black
Been playing that game since... well, I guess since somewhere in 2003 when it was first released. And until the very last dedicated server dies and not a single other soul is left online, I'll continue playing it.
12-03, 23:21 Black
(Also, this chatbox needs a notification sound. I keep coming back to this tab and only noticing chats 20 minutes later. :p)
12-03, 23:20 Black
I've been playing a bit of MOHAA Spearhead, mostly.
12-03, 23:02 Matt
What you been playing recently?
12-03, 22:57 Black
I'd be happy to.
12-03, 22:47 Matt
need some more UT soon? im sure you will whip me as usual
12-03, 22:47 Matt
im ok, how are you mate?
12-03, 22:44 Black
How are you fine folks doing?
12-03, 22:42 Matt
12-03, 20:18 Black
08-03, 08:06 Matt
morning everyone!
03-03, 10:35 sander
03-03, 09:56 Matt
hey all
26-02, 08:00 Hailerer
Hello there
25-02, 18:41 sander
it crashed, but its back on
25-02, 18:40 sander
ill check
24-02, 23:10 Matt
Is SEF down?
24-02, 11:48 Matt
22-02, 08:32 Hailerer
Hello there
21-02, 23:04 Matt
happy thursday all
18-02, 00:25 Matt
can you make a report? We had a few issues earlier with servers down
17-02, 19:38 Veselchak_U
Hello all. Is Jessica turned off now? Totally chaos on Pro-house server now.
17-02, 17:24 Black
Hello again.
17-02, 09:38 Matt
17-02, 08:24 Hailerer
Hello there


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