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Welcome to Sog-team.co.uk! The ONLY destination for serious SWAT 4 gamers since 2006... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE...
ChatBox Archive
Time User Message
18-11, 11:42 Ninwes
Somewhere this weekend as last weekend i had a party for Bday
14-11, 23:02 Matt
this weekend?
14-11, 23:02 Matt
woo wes we need to get into game now!
13-11, 20:05 Black
Congratulations on finishing that move!
13-11, 05:12 Ninwes
So i finally moved in our new home and have everything set up again it took me months to get everything ready, so soon i'm ready to get i nswat again
09-11, 20:46 Matt
HI Deki, yes I am!
08-11, 11:13 deki32
Hello to you Matt and the SOG community. How are you guys doing? Anybody up for some SWAT ?
04-11, 07:33 Matt
Hi all
19-10, 15:09 deki32
Glad to hear that Matt. We also appreciate the existence of SOG that brings so many of us loyal SWAT 4 players together. Long live this community. Full support from me for sure
18-10, 18:50 Matt
We really appreciate everyone's support
18-10, 18:50 Matt
You are both in the hall of fame though!
18-10, 18:46 Kostas=GR=
yeah I was just joking no worries
18-10, 18:37 HK_HunterKiller
lol sorry Kostas. Let's just say we put our money together as Bad Co's care package for SOG for this month
18-10, 18:36 Kostas=GR=
Yeah SOG keeps our best memories.. keep on rolling guys
18-10, 18:34 Kostas=GR=
nice Hunter, my name lost from donation... Damn son..
18-10, 18:34 HK_HunterKiller
Hey Matt, I agree with Kostas. It's the least I could do for all the awesome time I've had all those years on your SWAT servers.
18-10, 18:23 Matt
Thanks for your support HK! Keeping us alive! Much appreciated
18-10, 18:09 HK_HunterKiller
Hey guys. @Keeries sorry mate I asked something to you and forgot to check back for a reply all this time lol, it's cool man what you do. You should help me out with modding Arma's medical system some time :P
18-10, 17:55 Kostas=GR=
Hey Matt happy to see you
18-10, 17:54 Matt
Great to see you again!
18-10, 17:54 Matt
Thanks mate, you are great!
18-10, 17:53 Kostas=GR=
5 pounds is the less I can do for the memories of SOG ARMA 2 server..
18-10, 17:53 Matt
Hey all
11-10, 09:52 deki32
i have some spare time for Swat if anyone is up to it
11-10, 09:50 deki32
good morning SOG members


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