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Welcome to Sog-team.co.uk! The ONLY destination for serious SWAT 4 gamers since 2006... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE...
ChatBox Archive
Time User Message
15-12, 15:00 Matt
playing later if anyone is about
14-12, 04:44 Iron Tarkus
On Pro-Huse
14-12, 04:44 Iron Tarkus
Join me, anyone?
14-12, 03:56 Iron Tarkus
Join me!!
07-12, 09:39 Matt
will be playing tonight though
07-12, 09:39 Matt
yes sorry it was really late for me, was drifting off to sleep!
06-12, 23:42 Iron Tarkus
Too bad you couldn't join me, Matt.
06-12, 23:32 deki32
Good to hear. Thank you a lot sander. Wish you all a nice day
06-12, 19:31 sander
06-12, 19:31 sander
Servers are back up
03-12, 18:50 deki32
yo guys, wazzup? Anyone up for some SWAT today ?
02-12, 00:37 Matt
always ready
01-12, 21:02 deki32
hello Matt. I am ready for some SWAT
27-11, 23:28 Matt
yes but I fear I am too late?
27-11, 20:45 deki32
yo Matt . Wanna do a round or two?
27-11, 19:30 Matt
yep me!
27-11, 12:24 deki32
Hello fellow SOG community. How are you doing ? Anybody up for some SWAT later today?
25-11, 21:04 Matt
ok cool. Therefore the public will not be able to join until this point. For now, it will be private players only
25-11, 19:30 sander
I'm aware the servers don't show on swat4stats. I will look into this later this week. In the mean time you can join using IP
25-11, 07:32 deki32
Thank you very much. Time to try them out
24-11, 22:41 Matt
Servers online
22-11, 23:02 Matt
Yes Sander is moving the servers. He will post when all is back again
21-11, 20:52 deki32
good to see the site back up and running. That was a close one :P. The SOG servers are currently down but i am open for some Swat if anybody wishes. Cheers
21-11, 20:49 deki32
hello guys
18-11, 21:48 Matt
on it see you this weekend


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