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Welcome to Sog-team.co.uk! The ONLY destination for serious SWAT 4 gamers since 2006... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE...
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07-08, 08:45 SpyInBlack
Ahh thats too bad
21-07, 17:48 SpyInBlack
you too matt
21-07, 14:40 SpyInBlack
good day ladies and gents
17-07, 14:45 SpyInBlack
hi matt
15-07, 08:35 SpyInBlack
im up for swat today whole day... just hit me up
10-07, 14:20 SpyInBlack
oke, thank you.... i guess ill be online this evening too.
09-07, 14:27 SpyInBlack
Lets play a few rounds of swat 4 tonight... ill be online from 20:00 pm up to 00:00 am.
06-07, 13:01 SpyInBlack
how you been?
06-07, 13:01 SpyInBlack
hi sander
02-07, 15:57 SpyInBlack
Micheal you still active around STO?
29-06, 08:20 SpyInBlack
yeah i got it thx... i forgot about it
28-06, 16:31 SpyInBlack
does anyone know why i cant see any servers in swat 4?
13-06, 23:26 SpyInBlack
good evening guys
26-05, 12:50 SpyInBlack
some swat today?
21-05, 15:01 SpyInBlack
Yeah we have to
19-05, 12:51 SpyInBlack
last night*
19-05, 12:50 SpyInBlack
I fell a sleep tonight... sry guys
18-05, 15:11 SpyInBlack
Oke... Ill be ingame tonight. In 5 - 6 hours from now.
17-05, 14:32 SpyInBlack
So... Whos joining tonight or tomorrow?
17-05, 14:32 SpyInBlack
Good to hear that. Been pretty well. Thx
16-05, 15:14 SpyInBlack
how you been?
16-05, 15:14 SpyInBlack
Hi Hailerer
13-05, 15:16 SpyInBlack
Im free... Saturday and Sunday is relax times, this time xD
12-05, 13:44 SpyInBlack
Yeah it sucks
11-05, 15:37 SpyInBlack
Just not very late. I got work in the morning.


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