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Welcome to Sog-team.co.uk! The ONLY destination for serious SWAT 4 gamers since 2006... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE...
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18-11, 11:42 Ninwes
Somewhere this weekend as last weekend i had a party for Bday
13-11, 05:12 Ninwes
So i finally moved in our new home and have everything set up again it took me months to get everything ready, so soon i'm ready to get i nswat again
12-08, 07:24 Ninwes
@sander *cough*private forums*cough*
15-02, 05:42 Ninwes
matt i can remedy that
14-02, 09:05 Ninwes
Too much nudity ?
12-02, 12:33 Ninwes
works in chat too good
12-02, 12:32 Ninwes
28-10, 11:31 Ninwes
Indeed sadly the same here
29-08, 06:44 Ninwes
the swat 4 on Gog is gold edition you need to use the drop-down to install the rest.
03-08, 16:17 Ninwes
30-07, 19:01 Ninwes
We are hoping and hope it doesn't turn out like takedown
20-07, 10:36 Ninwes
Hey m8
15-07, 13:21 Ninwes
It was almost though i was on thé Edge of my seat then thé defender toon him out ;-)
14-07, 17:24 Ninwes
for the rest oh yeaaaaaaaaaah
14-07, 17:24 Ninwes
@Matt sry m8, maybe again in 4 years but good game.
02-07, 11:54 Ninwes
I think it's a bug as ip is not even close to different
27-06, 13:49 Ninwes
pobably the original skin is removed or changed, just put the skin back in from someone elses game.
20-06, 17:25 Ninwes
if its still on youtube itys probably not illegal or it would be doiwn already
20-06, 10:08 Ninwes
is that illegal ?
19-06, 22:41 Ninwes
Well you already got acces the private forum
26-05, 21:41 Ninwes
Well it is a rare ocasion im like that so you need to be quik
20-05, 14:58 Ninwes
it needs to be aproved first the moment it goes trough
17-05, 08:08 Ninwes
you can also alwats PM me if im not online
17-05, 08:08 Ninwes
i am now
14-05, 05:55 Ninwes
You should see it now


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