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Welcome to Sog-team.co.uk! The ONLY destination for serious SWAT 4 gamers since 2006... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE...
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Time User Message
02-10, 11:59 Bravo
Have you ever seen day owl ?
06-07, 13:31 Bravo
hi ppl
28-06, 12:45 Bravo
I will do in a nearest future
27-06, 08:25 Bravo
Yeah I thought the same, however I can't download the right file
26-06, 18:31 Bravo
Hey Guys I have some strange problem. When I try to conn to PH, server said error connect swat no armour file not matched or sth like this. Can you say sth about this ?
25-06, 13:09 Bravo
Hi guys
18-06, 11:46 Bravo
Hey Guys
04-06, 17:52 Bravo
Hi ppl
26-05, 13:21 Bravo
Also from me BiG Beer )))))
16-05, 11:28 Bravo
Same to you
14-05, 18:43 Bravo
hey ppl
06-05, 09:16 Bravo
06-05, 09:14 Bravo
One of our app land in hospital
06-05, 08:30 Bravo
Wer could say that
06-05, 07:25 Bravo
Sorry it's not spam I had just problems to relay a message
06-05, 07:24 Bravo
06-05, 07:24 Bravo
Konicila pendy
06-05, 07:23 Bravo
Konicila Pendy
05-05, 11:03 Bravo
hey guys have a nice weekend
04-05, 11:54 Bravo
hello people
25-04, 11:33 Bravo
Good to hear this, cause HRT lead playing well and I know him as a good tactical player
24-04, 09:46 Bravo
hi people
13-04, 17:49 Bravo
13-04, 14:19 Bravo
Happy Birthdays Spec
11-04, 12:03 Bravo
He simply don't want to be cuffed


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