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Welcome to Sog-team.co.uk! The ONLY destination for serious SWAT 4 gamers since 2006...
ChatBox Archive
Time User Message
12-04, 22:31 Matt
yea one was down yesterday mate. good to see they are badck
12-04, 14:59 sander
The servers are back online
11-04, 22:02 sander
The servers will be down for maintenance this afternoon.
11-04, 19:16 SpyInBlack
hey guys
09-04, 20:26 Matt
09-04, 18:31 Hailerer
hello there
05-04, 19:22 Matt
hey CABAL!
29-03, 08:32 Matt
busy busy busy and have just felt like relaxing when not at work recently... been missing the uyrge
29-03, 08:32 Matt
Yes I aim to get back into servers this weekend
28-03, 17:44 deki32
Very good. Thx for asking. I am currently a bit busy but i still manage to find a small window of opportunity to play . Haven't seen ya guys ingame for some time now. How are you guys doing? Is everything good and well? Cheers
26-03, 22:00 Matt
Hey mate how you keeping?
26-03, 16:07 deki32
Hello good people of SOG. Have a nice day
25-03, 18:06 sander
I think its working correctly again. ill leave the bot disabled until we know for sure
25-03, 10:46 Matt
ah need Sander to take a look. Looks like they are crashing
24-03, 19:59 Black
Aww. We were playing with 8, but the server crashed and didn't automatically come back up again.
24-03, 18:34 Black
A bit. But not too busy to play some rounds... interested in joining me @ VIP?
24-03, 18:25 Matt
how is everyone? Busy?
24-03, 11:14 Demon speed
24-03, 07:25 Hailerer
Hello there
23-03, 22:34 Black
23-03, 21:33 Matt
evening all
16-03, 21:48 Matt
hey Tim
14-03, 09:26 Matt
14-03, 06:45 Jasbroek
Good morning to you all
13-03, 20:16 Matt
think I do indeed need to add notifications


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