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24-05, 18:28 Matt
Hey! Hope you are keeping well!!!
24-05, 11:56 Freeezer
Just stopped to say Hi
08-04, 19:07 Matt
and hello Expo, hope you are well!
08-04, 19:07 Matt
08-04, 18:20 Expo
Hey guys, what are you using now for playing (if you play swat at all) games, discord ?
07-03, 04:03 Ninwes
26-02, 13:40 Matt
23-02, 21:38 Black
Of course!
23-02, 17:47 KeeRIeS
Anyone still here?
20-02, 11:55 Ninwes
Welcome Expo
07-02, 11:43 SpyInBlack
welcome Expo
05-02, 21:24 Matt
Hi Expo. welcome1
01-02, 22:05 Expo
Hello everyone! Glad to see group still active. Cheers!
03-01, 21:06 Razor
Hello people and I wish Happy New Year for all here ��
19-12, 11:39 Matt
Servers up again it appears
18-12, 00:04 TimC
Hello Everyone! Hope all is well!
16-12, 17:22 Demon speed
since yesterday
16-12, 17:22 Demon speed
servers down?
15-12, 04:20 Ninwes
Luckily for that, there are more worser casses, i didn't have it yet, atleast i think as sometimes there are no symptons
14-12, 20:12 Demon speed
i got that too in last year, one bad day, only high temp. Second time i was in same office room with confirmed covid co-worker, got only flu symptoms, so... i think i got some immunity
14-12, 18:14 Matt
Yea its horrible this COVID..... I caught it last year but thankfully I was lucky and no more than flu symptoms
14-12, 09:54 Ninwes
so how's everyone in this trial times still up ahead, hope everyone is okay ?
08-12, 21:30 Matt
06-12, 09:59 Orion
Hola amigos!
14-11, 13:48 Black


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