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Welcome to Sog-team.co.uk! The ONLY destination for serious SWAT 4 gamers since 2006...
ChatBox Archive
Time User Message
22-08, 21:36 Michael
22-08, 02:40 O'Neill
17-08, 12:05 Matt
im hoping to have a few swat custom rounds later. Havent played in months
17-08, 11:43 sander
17-08, 11:42 Matt
afternoon folks
16-08, 10:53 Michael
Gear's fine just need to learn how to play the game lol
16-08, 01:47 O'Neill
Silly Mike. You need better gear :P
15-08, 21:57 Michael
Great now get in TD2 :P I'm getting spanked lol
15-08, 02:11 O'Neill
Yay! I can finally log in again! Thanks to Matt and Mike!
14-08, 23:39 Michael
13-08, 22:39 Matt
hey all
13-08, 06:52 sander
Busy few days ill check it out later tonight when im home
12-08, 06:24 Ninwes
@sander *cough*private forums*cough*
11-08, 19:53 Matt
hey O'Neill. Good to see you mate
07-08, 08:54 Matt
you can post a review though right? Like features, performance etc? Without content
07-08, 07:45 SpyInBlack
Ahh thats too bad
06-08, 20:49 Michael
06-08, 10:22 sander
sadly i won't be able to show any alpha gameplay. as its under strict NDA
06-08, 10:21 sander
Got my ready or not supporters mousepad
04-08, 17:56 Michael
04-08, 17:21 sander
Servers are back online
04-08, 06:55 Snake_019
ok, wait online serevers)
01-08, 12:14 sander
The server downtime will be this weekend
29-07, 19:00 Matt
29-07, 18:59 sander
Matt check discord


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