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26-05, 00:55 Iron Tarkus
Ah yes indeed. And woohooooh! Nice rounds! Thanks for the fun night! And give Ninwes a glass of water.
25-05, 23:06 Matt
25-05, 23:02 Iron Tarkus
I think the basic SWAT4 server just crashed...?
22-05, 21:30 sander
22-05, 20:47 Matt
ok mate might need to post an announcement on the day
22-05, 20:37 sander
they might be off Friday during the whole day as i installed new disks and need to move 1.7 tb around over them
22-05, 20:36 sander
Servers are back on
22-05, 19:18 sander
in about 20 min the servers will go down for maintenance, more downtime expected on Friday morning.
22-05, 18:48 Matt
22-05, 12:39 SpyInBlack
hello everyone
22-05, 11:46 SAS_Random
Iron, very good joining you for some rounds yesterday. I'm sure I'll see you at some point in the future.
22-05, 01:06 Iron Tarkus
Well played, SAS_Random!
20-05, 23:03 Matt
20-05, 22:39 sander
Servers are back online
20-05, 21:44 sander
Server will be offline for a few min for updates
20-05, 21:11 Matt
20-05, 19:57 Iron Tarkus
Plus that makes sure not only I can keep having fun on the servers, but everyone else as well.
20-05, 19:56 Iron Tarkus
You're welcome Matt! Usually having a good time on the servers, so I figured it's time to give something back in return.
20-05, 19:29 Matt
thank you Iron, that is extremely generous. Very much appreciated on behalf of all of us.
20-05, 14:03 Iron Tarkus
Aah alrightey.
20-05, 13:58 Ninwes
it needs to be aproved first the moment it goes trough
20-05, 13:30 Iron Tarkus
I guess the goal bar on top just needs some time to update.
20-05, 13:27 Iron Tarkus
I took care of this month's cost, gentlemen.
18-05, 07:42 deki32
My CC expired this month and i was lazy to make a new one.I will make up for not donating this month
17-05, 21:42 Matt
we pay the bills


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