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Welcome to Sog-team.co.uk! The ONLY destination for serious SWAT 4 gamers since 2006...
ChatBox Archive
Time User Message
21-08, 22:05 Matt
very true yep
21-08, 21:52 Castner
Well, we're used to that Matt.. Standard stuff in England
21-08, 20:35 Matt
yes good thanks, weather not great but still a break. Will be playing again Sunday
21-08, 20:07 Johnson
21-08, 20:06 Castner
Will be on Pro-House if anyone wants to join. Hope you're enjoying your holiday Matt!
21-08, 20:03 Matt
Sadly cant play SWAT at the moment as I am on holiday or else I would
21-08, 20:03 Matt
Hey Johnson, great to see you have finally registered!
21-08, 19:46 Johnson
Hey. Does somebody want to play on custom server?
21-08, 19:35 Matt
hope you are all ok
21-08, 19:14 Matt
Hey guys
21-08, 18:58 Castner
Hey Black
21-08, 18:49 Black
Hello again.
21-08, 13:44 SpyInBlack
hi all
20-08, 16:22 KeeRIeS
Hi 8)
19-08, 17:20 Matt
19-08, 11:36 Fenix
Hello everyone
19-08, 09:42 SpyInBlack
morning matt, morning sog
19-08, 08:24 Matt
Morning all
19-08, 06:11 KeeRIeS
Im getting notifications on my mobile even when offline
18-08, 13:27 SAS_Random
OK. I checked discord first, but no one was online. When I went to report him, he already had a report. Thanks for the help.
17-08, 14:07 KeeRIeS
- please let me know on Discord. Also in the future if you have any problems that requires an admin assistance or anything, you can let me know on Discord so I got notified on my mobile phone. The help will come sooner
17-08, 14:06 KeeRIeS
hi Random! As I can see this player has been kicked by Jessica. Due to multiple rule violations I will now add a DB status for this player, so he doesn't bother other players in our server anymore. In case you have any further questions or evidences -
17-08, 12:35 SAS_Random
How is someone with a temp ban active, allowed to join a server? ID2538 is active in pro house now and team killing. Jessica just kicked but he has returned.
16-08, 17:37 SpyInBlack
good day ppls
16-08, 17:37 SpyInBlack
im glad you had fun


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