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    More information will be posted on this page soon...


    Our owners are open to selling this domain at current market value +85.00GBP. Please contact us to discuss.


    05/01/19 - We have become aware that some original -FP- members may intend to revive Frosty's Playhouse.
    The new owners of the -FP- website would be keen to understand these intentions further.
    Our parent community would also be keen to support reviving the clan & servers.

    If you have more information or would like to discuss this matter, contact us here.

    Hello & welcome back to Frosty's Playhouse!

    As you may know, our clan, website & game servers went down circa early 2017 after 13 years.
    Sadly we were yet another casualty within the SWAT 4 world particularly, alongside many other large clans like ELITE & TGC all disbanding as the game dated, due to popularity in decline.

    Frosty's Playhouse in our prime was a 17 and over clan of mature minded individuals who enjoyed playing with similar players. We supported a number of games with multiple servers, as follows:

    AA - America's Army
    AvP2 - Alien vs. Predator 2
    CS:S - Counter-Strike: Source
    HL2 - Half Life 2
    BF:V - Battlefield:Vietnam
    BF2 - Battlefield:2
    BF2142 - Battlefield:2142
    SWAT4 - Special Weapons and Tactics 4
    UT3 - Unreal Tournament III

    The community of Frosty's Playhouse had one main goal; to have fun. This was more important than winning alone, with the motto 'It's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game'.

    In 2018, another SWAT 4 clan - Special Operations Group, learnt of the sad demise of the Frosty's Playhouse game servers & website. Having recently themselves come back to the gaming scene after a short break, they decided to buy our Frosty's Playhouse name, and recreate the original homepage on the old domain, for past & present -FP- members & visitors alike.

    Both |SOG| & -FP- were in co-existence together over many years, and big presences particularly in the expansion SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate. We would often be the only two fun destinations for tactical CO-OP players within the whole game, with similar values and rules.

    This means that the -FP- name is now owned*, funded & managed by Special Operations Group, who aim to preserve the history of our once popular community within the SWAT 4 world. At this time, |SOG| have no plans to reintroduce any game servers to Frosty's Playhouse or utilise the clan name.

    If you were once a member, founder** or community visitor of Frosty's Playhouse and have now landed here, firstly thank you for visiting us again! Although the clan has officially disbanded, |SOG| are intending to keep the -FP- name alive, and invite you to register or introduce yourself at one of the few remaining large & active long serving SWAT 4 communities.

    A few old -FP- clan members have now joined the Special Operations Group website, so new and old faces alike are most welcome! Please use the links on this page that will redirect you to our parent community home.

    Once again, thank you for visiting Frosty's Playhouse -

    Best Regards,

    Matt, Wes, Nicoleise, Sander & Tim

    Special Operations Group Management
    On behalf of Frosty's Playhouse

    *Should the original founders or members wish to reinstate -FP- please contact us. We may be willing to sell the domain rights back to Frosty's Playhouse at our discretion.

    **Special Operations Group is a UK gaming community founded in 2006 who now own and manage the Frosty's Playhouse website community & We do not use or operate the -FP- tags, clan rules, values or policies. Special Operations Group is proud to remain independent of any other gaming clan hosting its own servers & operating under the |SOG| tags. Our interest and ownership of Frosty's Playhouse is strictly for the purposes of keeping the -FP- & SWAT 4 community alive, preserving history. &