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Theres Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition on Steam for 9,99€. Not much but a awsome game. Loved that game back in the time.

Would be great to play it again.

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Iv been playing a lot of quake II when I had my first LAN connection. Would be cool to try something like that again and take a rest from all those tactical games
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I have played all of them, but I have to agree with Sander here:

Originally Posted by sander View Post
UT2004 is in my mind still the best version
UT2k4 was the best one in the series. It has all the new goodies introduced in 2003, but runs on a upgraded engine, has loads of extra content and is overall more polished. The one of the new gamemodes, Onslaught, is one of my all time favorites in the series.

But to return and comment on the gist of recent posts: Yeah, playing some other games with people I know from SOG would be fun. I'm not sure organizing it in great detail would help adoption, but for some people it might help to allow meeting up at the same time.

I didn't originally respond to Matt's post since when I thought about it, there isn't a great deal that can be done by SOG leadership to make visiting better except connecting people and allowing us to have fun together, as was already stated in other posts.
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Have to keep your tags visible in the server in order keep relevant in a game. I understand how old this game is, believe me, but there are still good players that are not associated with any tagged team. These players already have the correct mindset you are looking for and will probably jump to RoN once released and apply for membership. Unless the team is highly visible in servers, it's harder to recruit. Potential recruits, the good ones, need to see how your play style is before they apply.

I suggest a duty roster, where members are either viewing through the web admin (making their presence known by chatting with the players in the servers), or being in the servers playing and building relationships. You have the basic elements of it. Column 1 server name, Columns 2 through 25 are the hours of the day. Color in the blocks with the names of the members that will either be web admin or playing written as text over the color. Color code that anyway you like: blue for in server, green for web admin, red as yet unfilled/available time. Let members edit the page so the roster is up to date. Post the roster so that community members that would like to meet you, know when you are available.

There are many SOG members I have not played games with or chatted with because I simply don't know when they are around.

I would also reduce the number of servers you are running. It's cool to have 6 or 8 servers, but you don't have the juice to cover them. Jessica is not a real person and she's doing all the work. Unfortunately, she doesn't recruit for you. Let's be honest, the servers are empty most of the time anyway. Decide which servers are you focused on. Is it Pro, Pro House, and VIP?? With few active members, it's easier to cover fewer servers.

These players know others that perhaps don't play SWAT, but will certainly play RoN. How you treat them and how visible you are will lead to decisions being made about where they will come to play RoN. Then you will grow quickly.
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Default List of free games :)

Thought I would just add a few more games in the mix, all free too

Youtube Video

Blacklight Retribution
Youtube Video

Planetside 2
Youtube Video

World of Tanks
Youtube Video

Tribes Ascend
Youtube Video
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