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Hello friends,

We are writing to you today with news about Special Operations Group - sog-team.co.uk.

As you know we started our community in 2006 with SWAT4. After a small break, we returned in 2018 to see so many of you come back and join us at the website to relive the nostalgia.

Since we returned, we have been running 6 SWAT4 dedicated servers and seen little declining activity from members and our community alike. Unfortunately due to the cost of living crisis with increasing energy bills, we have needed to make some difficult decisions regarding our future. One of the outcomes is the sad decision to cancel our dedicated server due to the limited use and increasing costs.

When the management met to discuss our future, we did however decide to continue our presence at site and discord. This will allow friends and members to keep in touch or have a few rounds when life gives us a little spare time.

We have also significantly reduced our outgoings over the last year to support the level of activity, and now feel confident that the monthly costs we currently have allow us to maintain our presence in the gaming world, opposed to disbanding totally.

However we write to you today for your help....

Considering our game servers are now offline, we wanted to see how much support we would have for keeping at least one SWAT4 server running so you always have a trusted server to use. To do this though we need to raise 56euro to keep one server online for a year, or 30euro for 6 months.

We will now update our donation goal at the website https://www.sog-team.co.uk/forum/misc.php?do=donate
This goal will now reflect the cost of one years server, and we will use whatever contributions we get to buy a server for the time we can afford from donations.

The management however have personally funded one coop server until June 2022 which we will only continue if we get the support as mentioned above. If we do not get any donations in May, we will end all servers for the foreseeable future from June.

We are also looking into servers for the game Ready or Not (SWAT4 successor), but at the moment no dedicated servers are available until the developers add this functionality. We will of course keep you updated but this will also rely on our donations. It is an area we are committed to investing in, so do keep posted.

We are determined to keep our community alive so any support you can offer is much appreciated.

May we also take this opportunity to thank our top sponsor of all time to date; Demonspeed. Without his support we simply would not have made it to this point. On behalf of all our community, thank you to all our sponsors.

Please help us today using the link above or get in touch at the forums to have your say....

Look forward to hearing from you,

Matt, Wes & Sander

Group Founder
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