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Welcome to Sog-team.co.uk! The ONLY destination for serious SWAT 4 gamers since 2006... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE...
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29-09, 17:36 KeeRIeS
@deki32 thank you
29-09, 17:36 KeeRIeS
@HK_HunterKiller, yes, we might say so, though I still don't believe it, too
20-09, 10:48 KeeRIeS
yeah, pretty well, finished studies and have a lot to do in hospital to start internship
18-09, 22:20 KeeRIeS
Hi everyone!
05-07, 21:11 KeeRIeS
Hi everyone
25-06, 22:09 KeeRIeS
restarting doesnt work, too
25-06, 22:08 KeeRIeS
vanilla coop pro crashed
22-06, 23:07 KeeRIeS
22-06, 23:07 KeeRIeS
Done! https://www.sog-team.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=422
22-06, 22:49 KeeRIeS
I'm back after some hard times on university and life Gonna post a few videos from my trip to Berlin in a few minutes!
22-06, 22:03 KeeRIeS
hi all
14-02, 23:29 KeeRIeS
I hope your Valentine's Day was great, my lovers!
14-02, 23:28 KeeRIeS
hello people!
23-01, 19:13 KeeRIeS
@sander great News
13-01, 05:10 KeeRIeS
hi! I've just bought myself DJI Osmo Mobile 2. I'll be movie maker and two books for my finals medicine exams
07-01, 18:24 KeeRIeS
if anyone comes online and wanna play some coop, I'm finally available and up for some coop action! Just let me know
07-01, 18:23 KeeRIeS
Happy B-Day!
06-01, 23:37 KeeRIeS
coop anyone?
03-01, 02:23 KeeRIeS
Admin sees everything! Even your hidden underwear’s color ��
16-12, 15:17 KeeRIeS
I was AFK Forgot I had Swat running LOL... if you're back, le tme know via discord! Or anyone else, too !
16-12, 12:21 KeeRIeS
BROKEN LEG... or foot exactly... anyone up for coop? I want to run at least in game...
11-12, 17:33 KeeRIeS
I feel cold when I look at those snowflakes...
08-12, 20:28 KeeRIeS
17-11, 17:42 KeeRIeS
21-10, 21:47 KeeRIeS
hey everyone! How's it going all over the world?


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